Issue: Users who have Chevereto 2.1, may not have a plugin for browsers, that's where add-ons come of use.

Fix: I've created a browser plugin, by simply asking a few questions and uploading a few images, your script will be created, zipped and a download link provided for you in browser addon format.

  • Supported Browsers
    • FireFox (.xpi format)
    • Google Chrome(.crx format)

Nothing to download other than your plugin, your information isn't saved anywhere other than the files it writes which are required for the plugin to be generated.

Cost is Free, However please consider making a donation.

We're looking for working "Chevereto Plugins" for Opera (or any other browsers) - Please submit to

Online Generators:

Browser Image Status
FireFox FireFox Complete
Google Chrome Google Chrome Complete
Safari Safari Coming Soon!
Opera Opera Coming Soon!